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Are you a busy bee that has a hard time focusing and achieving your art goals while maintaining your sanity at the same time? I am an artist mom of two littles under five years old and I can lend you a hand.  Everything from professional communication, carving out time for your passion, watercolor tips/tricks and seeing things through to the end.  I am a published illustrator and author and I know how to complete projects from start to finish, which can be hard to do for creatives.  

Artists finish things, let me help you. 


Watercolor Virtual Summer Camp is now open for registration!  Spaces are limited, reserve a spot for your child today.

digital COURSES

I have online courses to teach you how to make the color wheel by mixing just three colors as well as how to conquer creative challenges by sticking with them and getting the most growth (and fun) out of them.  Check them out!


Need some support or tips with your watercolor work?  I share advice via live video on Periscope (@fluximagery) or you can book a session with me.  

I will help you have fun and get loose while  creating with this beautiful medium.

Let's set up a 30 min Discovery Session so I can hear all about where you want to go with your art and how I can help you get there. - 30 minutes, one on one.  Book now!

Strategy Session - 60 minute call where we draw your road map (perhaps literally) of how you are going to make your dreams (create a zine, a picture book, painting series) a reality. I love talking about art supplies, art technique and time management. I wish I had someone to talk to when I was starting out learning watercolor, juggling my new role as a mom while nursing and working full-time. We can talk it through and figure it out. - 60 min - Book now!

Watercolor 101 - 60 minute one on one  consult to show you how I got started with watercolor, tools, tips, tricks, techniques, etc.  We can paint together via video/Skype/private Periscope and you can literally "see" how I paint while I virtually coach you through the process. - 60 min - Book now!

Accountability Call - 15 min - Once we have our strategy down of how you will tackle your latest art project, I'll check in with you to make sure you are sticking with the plan we worked on together. If you're getting frustrated or find yourself a little stuck, we can understand why and get you back on track. - 15 min - Book now!

I look forward to working with you!



P.S. These are some blog posts directed right to you.


Erika Barriga’s watercolor characters put a smile on my face every time they pop up in my Instagram feed. I watch her regularly on Periscope and I’m always looking forward to seeing what she’s working on next. She’s got a unique perspective, a singular artistic voice and paints with passion. She knows how to inspire her followers to creative heights, gives individual attention, and quality instruction to every viewer involved. The work she does never stops amazing me. 

-- Melinda Beavers

Erika is such a sweet lady.  I have learned so much from her about how to slow down and be patient - which is NOT my strength.  I've gained time management and communication skills as well as learned about her art and watercolors.  She is quite the wealth of information, I highly recommend working with her on your project!

--- Rana Cho

I happen to absolutely adore her illustrations!  They kind of make me want to have another baby just so I can fill a whole nursery with her art! 

-- McKenna Gordon