What do you shoot with?

I started out with a Canon Digital Rebel, then moved to a Canon 40D and now I shoot with a Canon 70D.  I love Canon cameras, easy to use and most importantly I didn't have to give up my lenses.  Speaking of, I use my 50mm and 30mm the most. 

 How long have you been painting?

I took my first watercolor class at JoAnn's with my friend, CD (Christie), in 2010.  Our first assignment was to paint our birth month flower (Larkspur for August for me) and our second assignment was a little landscape painting.  It was a fun 2 hour class to get exposure to the paint, brushes and different washes.  Loved it.

I'm new to watercolor, what online classes do you recommend?

Danielle Donaldson is one of my favorite watercolor teachers.  I have taken her Creative Girl course, an in-person workshop and her All Creatures Lovely and Small class.  Highly recommend because her technique is far from stuffy and you will find a new comfort in watercolors from her classes.

How do you paint?  Wet in wet, etc?

Hmm, it's hard to describe.  I do use wet in wet but I have videos of me painting as well on my YouTube channel.  It's easier to show you there.  :)

What's your favorite paint brand?  

I'm not too picky with paint brands but I do like professional grade because of the saturation and the way they perform.  I usually buy tubes that are either Winsor and Newton, Daniel Smith or Holbein.  I'm always eager to try something new and I get lost in the watercolor section.  The art supply store is my candy store.

What do you recommend for brushes, paper, etc?

Here is a link to some of my favorite supplies and resources. Check it out!