These are just some of the things I love whether it be de-stressing, children's books or home management.  Here is a list of tried and true favorites curated for you*.  

"me time" - must haves

Who doesn't need a little time to chill?  

After mommying and adulting, you can enjoy your cherished free time by zoning out with these creative recommendations.  


Belle Calligraphy Kit - I work on my hand-lettering with the all in one kit.  Comes with ink, paper, nib, etc.  It's the best.

Nib and Ink: A Modern Calligraphy Sketchbook - Currently learning calligraphy with this book as well and it is great!  Easy steps to follow and I was quickly on my way with my letter practice.  


Skillshare - My number one online learning love!  I have taken classes about watercolor, photography, design, hand lettering and how to run my Etsy shop.  I cannot recommend it enough!

Atly - So many art classes be it photography or photoshop illustration, love Atly!

Creative Bug - Absolutely amazing, I take classes by artists I love like August Wren and Lisa Congdon.  So so good.


Getting my thoughts down on paper and prioritizing with a bullet journal has changed EVERYTHING for me. 

Here's a blog post I wrote about bullet journaling.

This video explains the concept better than I ever could.


Leuchtturm - Love this for bullet journaling because it has numbered pages and dot grids instead of lines.  That changes EVERY. THING.


LePen Drawing Pens - I love thin pens and these are wonderful.  Cute, slim, beautiful color range.  Pretty much perfect.


Quilter's Ruler - Necessity for drawing straight lines in my journal, the best.

*Some links may be affiliate links (which means I get a small portion of your purchase) but you can best believe I only share things I love and could talk on and on about regardless. The prices have not been increased as compensation for Erika.

Children's books

My kids and I love books with unique stories and exceptional illustrations.  These are just a few of our selections.

The Princess in Black - This series is so cute and it's all about empowering little girls.  The main character is a princess who wears black (secret identity) while she fights monsters. It's so well done and well written.  We are on book no. 3 now, love!

Queen Quail is Quiet is my first children's book!  It's a fun book to help with learning the alphabet, especially all of the sounds possible from each letter.  Super cute!

Wild by Emily Hughes - this story is about belonging and it is precious.  The artwork is outstanding, love this illustrator!

The Day the Crayons Quit by Drew Daywalt and Oliver Jeffers - We LOVE this book. I read this one over and over and the story is just so unique!  The illustrations are beautiful.  Oliver Jeffers never disappoints.

Home and personal development Books aka maintain your sanity

Trying to manage the day to day stuff without being buried by clutter (stuff and mind), is not new to me.  These books have helped immensely.

How to Manage Your Home Without Losing Your Mind - This book has completely changed my life.  It is all about baby steps when it comes to keeping your house tidy, maintained and livable.  Swear by this book and recommend to EVERYONE.

Miracle Morning - Game. Changer.  I NEVER call myself a morning person.  I am not a night owl either (yea right with 2 kids 5 and under), but I am a believer of waking up early now.  I have been implementing this book and now I have been waking up between 5 a.m. and 6 a.m., for consecutive days.  I'm working out and I'm the most productive I've ever been.  It's truly unbelievable.


What I use for painting and drawing

Alvin Draftmatic Pencil - Super small point at .3mm and the grip is great.  

Winsor and Newton Cobalt Turquoise Light - my favorite blue-greeny goodness.  My complete list of what's in my kit is right here.

Fluid Hot Press Paper - these watercolor paper blocks are so convenient, love the hot press (smooth, no bumps) by Fluid