Conquer Creative Challenges

Creative challenges are so necessary.  Nothing lets you explore your artistic growth like committing to a challenge; be it 30 days, 52 weeks, 365 days, etc. When I participated in The 100 Day Project this year, I hadn’t come anywhere near completing a project like that before.  This year was different and one of the things that helped me was finding more ideas by incorporating them from other challenges.  There was a point where I didn’t know what to draw next and I thought I might have to stop participating.  I love learning sites, I’m a member of Skillshare and CreativeBug, so I just knew I wanted to paint a bird but had no idea what to actually draw/paint.  My solution was to look at a prompt from another challenge and mix the two prompts together.  An example would be my bird and a prompt of “birthday” from another challenge.  I added them together with a little story behind it (another goal of mine was to improve my storytelling) and I was on my way.  

I wanted to help other creatives with finishing creative projects they signed up for, personal or community based, so I created a video course showing the tips and tricks that helped me complete my own creative challenge.  It was an amazing experiment and I know my course, Conquer Creative Challenges, will help you out too.

The next community challenge I want to participate in is Inktober, creating art with ink every day in October and I cannot wait!  Happy creating!

Watercolor Painting Video - Owl Gets a Gift

Hi guys! How you be?  It is officially summer and I am LOVING it.  The 100 Day Project is going well, today marks day 67!  Creating consistently, no matter what, has been eye opening.  The weekends are definitely the hardest to finagle with two littles, swim classes and just stuff.  

I may do a post on how doing a daily challenge/project like this has made an impact with me overall.  Would you be interested in that?  I posted a new video showing how I painted Day 47, an owl getting a gift.  I have other watercolor painting posts here and here.  Let me know what else you would like to see on my channel, here on the blog or paintings/products.  Are you painting with watercolor and having any issues? Talk to me.

Oh and one more thing, my super talented and kind friend Christie is having her first art auction on Facebook this weekend starting Saturday June 25!  I can't wait to see all of her artwork sell out like I know it will, beautiful pieces in watercolor, oil or acrylic.  Just search "Christie Drahnak Art" on FB, like her page and you will see all the details.

Have a great weekend!

DIY Watercolor Palettes

I used to have a dream that I would paint at my painting desk with a huge portable palette everyday.  I would only paint in the best daylight, I would play music as loudly or softly as I liked and all would be wonderful in the world.
However, this is not the case yet with being a busy mama with pockets of creative time here and there so I need to be more mobile and my paints need to be more compact.  This was not easy to do.  I had to back away from my palette with nearly 30 paints and downsize to 16! Gasp.  

This turned out to be the best thing I'd ever done.  I chose colors that spoke to me and finally put paint in my Holbein metal palette.  I love it so much.  There is enough room to make my washes (I don't wipe my dirty wells down, just mix in the leftover paint) and it is super small at 3"x6".  I also followed the instructions on this pinned Altoid palette post and it's handy as well.  I only have 9 colors in this one but they are colors that I don't have in my Holbein.  I don't use it as much but it was fun to make and I love knowing I have more colors around if I want to use them.  

Check out the supplies I use and dream supplies I want to use as well.  This is my watercolor board on Pinterest.

Watercolor Bird Painting Process Video

I just finished Day 36 of the 100 Day Project on Instagram.  I can't believe I have stuck with it this long, looks promising that I might make it to the end!  We'll see, baby steps.  This little video shows how I paint and it was nice to do something outside of the project paintings.  Be sure to like and subscribe to my YouTube channel, the link is up top.  

Is there anything you would like to see on my channel?  Let me know.

Mermaid Party Invites

Z's party was in February (she has 2 bottom teeth now) and I think I needed some recovery time because I never posted this!  Now I just finished A's invite for her party this weekend.  I've also been busy with switching this site from Wordpress to Squarespace.  I love it by the way, but I digress.

I have started a little tradition for the past 3 years of making my kiddos birthday invitations.  It's fun coming up with something original do it yourself illos for them, keepsakes forever.  We'll see how long I can keep it up.  For this birthday it was all about mermaids.  I made some rough sketches of different mermaid characters, then designed all of the elements in my small graph paper journal.  I scanned it in, blew it up and transferred to watercolor paper with my light table.  

Then I painted, scanned it in again and printed from Photoshop.  I loved the way they turned out and the party was so fun!  Love my baby girls so much.