Hi, I'm Erika.

I'm Raul's wife and the mama to Addison and Zoe. I'm a Colorado based illustrator who loves drawing, painting watercolors, going to a bookstore and grabbing all of the children's books she can so she can hide in a quiet corner and drool over composition, story, favorite authors, all of that. Being connected to kid's literature through painting and writing lets me go to a magical world where I connect with my kids during sweet story time sessions throughout the day or right before bed. I love how the simplest of imagery can communicate to all ages, especially the teeniest of tots.

When I started painting, I couldn't find anyone who showed how to create illustrations with watercolor. All of my searches ended up with finding out how to paint people, landscapes and flowers perfectly. Not what I was looking for. After learning what works for me; from researching other illustrators I love or my own trial and error, I share everything here.  I believe creativity is a muscle and I love helping others grow in their creativity through teaching painting and illustration.

In May 2013 I illustrated my first children's book, Queen Quail is Quiet.  My dream is to write more, publish more, complete editorial illustrations and picture books.  I absolutely love creating while live streaming on Periscope (@fluximagery) and I make videos showing unboxing, real-time watercolor paintings and more on YouTube.  

Follow me on Instagram, that is where I update the most with progress about the current projects I'm working on.

Almost daily you can find me drawing, playing with my daughters, shooting pictures, daydreaming of ice cream or reading one of my many bookmarked books.

Email me - erika@fluximagery.com



Completed Projects:

The Reindeer Squad

Inktober 2016

The 100 Day Project 2016 - Painted 4"x4" watercolor paintings every day for 100 days in a row

Queen Quail is Quiet

Make Art That Sells - Bootcamp

The Wise Woman's Almanac

They Draw and Cook

They Draw and Cook (Let's Get Figgy Edition)