about this and me

I am a digital and watercolor illustrator in Denver, Colorado focusing on children’s illustration.  I live with my handsome husband Raul, gorgeous baby girls Addison and Zoe.

In May 2013 I published my first children’s book, Queen Quail is Quiet, and I can’t wait to publish more. Outside of illustration I also love photography and show glimpses of my world through my blog, Instagram (fluximagery) and Twitter (@fluximagery). I’ve had a site talking about this and that forever, fluximagery.com evolved from my other site, five3.com. I have loved hearing the click of the shutter and making pencil sketches come to life since I can remember.

Almost daily you can find me drawing, playing with my daughters, shooting pictures, daydreaming of ice cream or reading one of my many bookmarked books.


email: fluximagery@gmail.com

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