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I Think It’s Time to Let You Know…

Good News, Life


…we are expecting a little baby girl in March!!  Things have been exactly the same as they were with Addy, meaning I was knocked out asleep for the whole first three months.  I am now at 15 weeks and I have a burst of energy.  Go go go mode!  Nesting is setting in, we have lots to do when it comes to making up our now guest room into a nursery/guest room combo.

The cat is officially out of the bag, our trio is turning into a quartet and we are so excited.  I need to get on purpose with taking more pictures, my mood/sleepiness and this cold have been getting in the way.

Hope your week is going great, one more day til Friday!


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Hi there.  This was the sunset we had on Sunday, absolutely crazy beautiful.  I have been working, playing, running, jumping, reading, cleaning, organizing, eating, decorating and planning.  Thanksgiving was a good time.  We hosted for the first time and ended up ordering the whole meal from Mimi’s.  Long story short all of us were too busy to make things from scratch.  I did make a peach cobbler though just because I thought the pie wasn’t big enough for all of us.  Next year we will cook and go all out.  I’ll probably end up making a side of some sort for Christmas.

I cannot believe we will be on vacation all next week.  We are going on an adventure to Vancouver!  We are flying to Seattle and thens driving to Vancouver.  Four years ago we went for the first time in spring when the winter Olympics were there that year.  This time we are going in winter and I have no idea what to expect.  I keep looking at the forecast but you still don’t really know.  I think I’ll be wearing a lot of layers to play it safe.  This is our first time flying with our little 18 month old munchkin so I am excited about that but a little anxious too.  She has been a little grumpster lately and we are noticing some molars coming in.  We have family in Vancouver so that is the main thing we are focusing on, spending time with his sister and her family.

I did order a car seat carrier and a stroller carrier too.  I need to buy a little $20 Cosco stroller from Target as well.  So much to do.  If you have any tips for traveling with munchkins, please let me know.

Oh and also, my Pepperminty Hot Chocolate recipe for They Draw and Cook is up on the jumbotron this week.  I love this hipster Santa illustration.  Awesome!

Have a great night!


Good News, Illustrations, Published


I took another Skillshare class (I’m addicted) and I loved it.  Of course.  Brad Woodward’s Digital Illustration class was fantastic.  The project was to illustrate the word Loud or Quiet.  At first I chose Loud but when I started brainstorming, I quickly headed over to the Quiet side.  This is my final illo.  I’m open to critiques, so let me know yay or nay.

Speaking of Quiet, my first published book Queen Quail is Quiet has been out for 6 months this month!  I can’t wait to work on another book and for now I’m creating small projects for my shop.

Thanks for visiting and come back soon!


Good News


A watercolor artist and friend that I look up to recently had a contest.  All you had to do was leave a comment about what migratory birds are your favorite and mine are hummingbirds.  I was so excited to hear I won.  Golly Bard aka Holly Ward Bimba is an exceptional watercolor artist.  I love her free flowing style, she makes it look easy.  She paints nature, insects, birds, nests…. it’s all beautiful and in her shop.  She even has her works made into fabric on Spoonflower.  I can’t wait to frame my print and put it up.

Thank you Holly, I love it!

Everybody Loves a Deal!

Good News, Published


Hi guys!  For today only my book, Queen Quail is Quiet, is the Daily Deal on Amazon for 99 cents!  This book would be great as a gift for art lovers, Christmas, baby-showers, birthdays, etc!  Lots of exclamation marks but I can’t help it.  Check it out, tell your friends.  This is great news and it should be shared!  ;)  Tweet, Instagram, FB, share away.  If you tweet, use @erikabarriga and if you are Instagramming, use #queenquail.


Hope you are having the best weekend ever and embracing the fall weather.  We are having crazy rain and a slightly leaky roof here in Colorado.  This Amazon news has made me happy though.  Very.