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Dye It Yourself.

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kitty easter egg


easter egg dye


easter egg dye

easter eggs

easter eggs

easter eggs

When I dreamed about being a mom, one of the things I couldn’t wait to do with my little one was to dye Easter eggs.  It has been forever for me and was brand new to my Babycakes.  I used the crayon that came with the PAAS pack and drew little designs.  The yellow dye didn’t show up at all so I switched that one out for a blue dye.

Baby girl had three Easter egg hunts in all this past week and by the third one she was a pro.  ”Hmmm, let me see”, she would say while she stroked her little chin.  Then when she spotted one she said, “There it is!”, picked it up, shook it and wanted to open it right then and there.

Such a good little treasure hunter.


Oh, Canada.

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We took a trip to Vancouver about two weeks before Christmas.  This was our second trip out there.  We flew from Denver to Seattle, then drove to Vancouver.  It was so nice to get away and have my SIL and her family meet our daughter in person for the first time.  I am a warm weather person and I LOVE the sun so not having it was the only downside of the visit.  Out of the week we were there, we only had one day of sun.  The first day.  The rest was cloudy, drizzly stuff that is hard to shoot in.  I do love how everything is covered in moss, absolutely beautiful.  We went to so many shops that we don’t have here like Aritzia, Saje, Top Shop and Brandy Melville.  I am a new fan of Tim Hortons!  I’m kicking myself for not buying a mug since I have a massive collection of mugs.  Their gingerbread white hot chocolate is the best.

We were there for a week so I have more pics over here.*








Even though you are pretty far away and a bit expensive, I do love you Canada.  You have a fan.

*I went back to my early 2000 days and posted the pics to Flickr but I am not liking the new design of it.  Know of anything else out there for photo sharing?

Ok, so I’m not posting more.

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One resolution has been shot (updating regularly) but I have been focusing on some projects around the house and learning more about Lightroom (LR).  Clearing space on my memory cards so I can take more shots.  I love this site for studying up on how catalogs work in LR, so helpful.  We are at place where we can watch more TV so I’ve been practicing lettering while getting sucked into some of the best acting called Downton Abbey.  We get Addy’s diapers through Amazon Prime and I completely forgot we have access to Instant Video and so much content.  Now I can get around to watching Sherlock and seeing what all the buzz is with that too.

Is this a good thing or not?  Hmm.

Trees and Clouds.

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All of the leaves have fallen from our maple in the front yard.  There was a storm coming in and I pulled over to the side of the road to take a few shots.  I’m taking my camera everywhere again and it is time to invest in a good, practical, (cute), camera bag.  Any suggestions?  This Kelly Moore bag is in the running.

Also, nothing gets this house cleaner than knowing someone is coming to visit.  Cleaning bathrooms is my least favorite chore ever.  I have no brand loyalty and I just ran out of my cleaner, anything you love?  Are you completely green?  Completely indifferent?

Let me know.

Falling in love.

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I’m falling for photography again.  Capturing frozen moments has always been what draws me to taking photos.


Documenting our lives and now watching this little mouse grow up.


The leaves are so beautiful and they are falling everywhere.  Mountains of leaves and baby had a blast running through them this weekend.



One of Addy’s favorite parts of the day is going for a walk with Grandpa.



Then we came home to a sky full of fog.  It is so cozy right now, perfect weather for lighting a candle and snuggling up.